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This article provides a reasonably comprehensive list of Partner Software features and capabilities.

Products and Licensing

All Partner products are site-licensed, for any number of users within an organization.

Partner sells its software as three product groups, summarized below:

Map Viewer

  • viewing of CAD or GIS maps as a single seamless view
  • integration of related data (accounting, customer service, facilities, etc.)
  • data selection and search
  • electrical connectivity and tracing
  • GPS support

Partner Platform

  • addition of dynamic, interactive map data layers to Map Viewer
  • fully customized map applications
  • integrated development environment
  • wide variety of published interfaces and applications

Job Management System

  • includes both Map Viewer and Partner Platform
  • adds Field Designer, a map-based staking/field design tool
  • adds Partner Web, a web-based work management system
  • adds Construction Manager, a map-based work management system
  • adds Partner Hub, which interfaces between Field Designer, Partner Web, and any number of third-party systems
  • adds Jobs Database, which allows ODBC-capable software to query and import staking job data

Map Viewer

User Interface

  • simple, consistent and easy to learn interface
  • seamless view of map data
  • fast panning and zooming
  • select features and view associated info from various sources
  • "find item" feature allows fast incremental search for any data item
  • full control over legend, including visibility, colors, linetypes, icons, and fonts
  • simple automated update mechanism
  • view of digital or scanned photos associated with a graphical item – e.g. switchbox wiring diagrams, substation plans, assembly photos, etc.
  • ROVER database provides table of info associated with map features
  • Seamless map viewing of entire map set
  • HTML or PDF reports incorporating map snapshots
  • Data features are utility specific
  • Integrate external w/ GIS
  • Integrate w/ accounting & customer service data from all major vendors
  • Combined views of multiple GIS systems (AutoCAD, ESRI, aerial photos)


  • ability to merge, transform, and massage incoming data from any number of GIS and other data sources

Printing and Plotting

  • capable of generating map plots of virtually any size (E-size, F-size, and beyond)
  • direct printing or PDF generation

Hardware, Network, and OS Support

  • runs from network drive, local disk, CD-ROM, or memory stick
  • runs on workstations, laptops, or tablets
  • runs attached or detached from network
  • Java-based system runs on any version of Microsoft Windows, also Linux and Mac OS X.
  • PalmOS PDA version views entire map with data and has many of the same features as full product
  • automated updates use standard TCP/IP networking, and are optimized to minimize network traffic

CAD and GIS support

  • AutoCAD DWG files and data
  • DXF files and data (either from AutoCAD or other DXF-compatible software)
  • ESRI shapefiles (ArcView etc.)
  • ArcInfo 8.x personal geodatabases
  • ArcSDE databases (Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server)
  • GE Smallworld GIS
  • MilSoft WindMil
  • US Census TIGER

Specific GIS Vendor Support

  • Origin GIS
  • MilSoft WindMilMap (AutoCAD and ESRI)
  • ATS (AutoCAD and ESRI)
  • Patterson and Dewar PDMap
  • Miner and Miner ArcFM
  • CSA UtiliTrak

Data support

  • All SQL/JDBC/ODBC compatible databases (including MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, AS/400, etc.)
  • Fixed-width and delimited text data files
  • DBASE DBF file format
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Raster aerial photos
  • Raster USGS quadrangle data
  • XML
  • MultiSpeak

Partner Platform

User Interface

  • adds dynamic map content layers, actions, and reports to Map Viewer
  • allows use of Map Viewer as front-end to in-house or third-party systems
  • requires little or no additional training from base Map Viewer

Development Environment

  • integrated development environment
  • custom modules defined with combination of XML configuration and script files
  • modules can generate custom line, text, and point features using latitude/longitude, or state plane coordinates, or by associating new data or symbols with existing background features (e.g. outages with consumers)
  • legend is fully configurable
  • full access to Partner Map Viewer API
  • open development community at
  • classes and workshops provided regularly by Partner
  • third-party developers and service providers available
  • customized HTML and PDF reports
  • customized data and GIS export

Existing Module Types

  • outage management (OMS)
  • integrated voice-response (IVR)
  • automated meter reading (AMR)
  • automated vehicle location (AVL)
  • lightning strike data
  • connectivity, tracing, and switching
  • attachment survey
  • damage assessment survey
  • connect/disconnect
  • dispatch log
  • construction manager

Specific Vendor Interfaces

  • dataVoice IVR, OMS, and IMS
  • MilSoft PORCHE and DiSSPatch
  • Hunt Technologies Turtle TS1 and TS2 AMR
  • SRI Damage Assessment

Field Designer

User Interface

  • design-oriented interface rather than CAD or GIS-oriented
  • draw design and sketches on top of system map view
  • select construction units, including assemblies, conductor, and devices, from list of valid parts
  • organize units into any number of categories for efficient lookup
  • select any number of "snapshots" to include with staking sheet, setting position, scale and rotation
  • redline feature allows drawing non-facility data such as fences, roads, and hazards
  • annotation feature allows any number of text notes on the map
  • create configurable construction sheets and reports
  • generate cost estimates and material breakdowns
  • modify and update features on supported GIS systems

GPS Support

  • use GPS at design time, or correct later with as-built GPS
  • support for standard NMEA GPSes
  • specific support for high-accuracy Trimble GPS, including post-processing via Pathfinder Office
  • integrates with GIS systems to update electrical and other features
  • collect GPS data with Field Designer, PalmOS Staking Buddy, Tri-Global's Mobile Staker, or other tools
  • configurable GPS import scripts


  • jobs synchronized and transferred via Hub
  • jobs tracked and published via Partner Web
  • automated update of accounting, customer service, and mapping systems via Hub (see below)

System Hub

The central server for the Partner System, the Hub manages the Job Library, Jobs Database, external interfaces, and updates.

Mapping/GIS interfaces

  • MultiSpeak compliant XML export
  • ESRI Shapefile export
  • AutoCAD DXF export
  • Origin GIS
  • MilSoft WindMilMap (ESRI and AutoCAD)
  • ATS (ESRI and AutoCAD)
  • Patterson and Dewar PDMap
  • ArcFM
  • CSA UtiliTrak

Accounting Interfaces

  • ATS
  • BIS
  • Daffron
  • HTE
  • NISC (including CADP, CAPS, CAPS XL, CAPS XL/Plus, iVue)
  • OrCom
  • PCS
  • SCT
  • SEDC

Partner Web

Allows data from maps, accounting, & Partner products available to all in your organization

  • AMP-based (Apache/MySQL/PHP)
  • Unique User Logins
  • Individual and Group permissions
  • Job data viewing for all users
  • Job data editing based on permissions
  • Users can create and save database queries using a GUI and without knowing SQL
  • Administrators can create more powerful queries for groups using SQL
  • Users see all their queries upon login
  • All users can search for jobs using configurable fields
  • Job lists for all queries can be viewed and saved as web pages, text documents, and CSV files.
  • Users can perform connon actions on more than one job at a time
  • Users with permissions can attach arbitrary electronic documents to jobs
  • Utilities can create dynamically-generated reports
  • Users can create job summary reports using GUI controls
  • Partner teaches classes in work flow automation and Partner Web customization

Configuration Manager

Web-based configuration tool to control job fields, units, picklists, and other data in the Partner System.

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