The purpose of the Partner System Administration Manual is to document those topics and tasks in the Partner System that are typically the domain of system administrators and IT staff - installation, backup, networking, troubleshooting, and so forth.

This includes much of what is required to keep the system running well in a corporate network and computing environment, but in general does not include application-specific concerns. It also does not address the tasks of configuring or customizing the Partner System, except where those tasks are typically done by a system administrator or IT technician.

IT personnel tend to be very busy and are tasked with maintaining a wide variety of different hardware and software systems. Thus, we have done our best to keep this document tightly focused, and the material brief and to-the-point. Other manuals, such as the various Partner user manuals and developer manuals, provide more detailed information on many of the topics discussed herein; these can be consulted if the reader has need or desire.

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