Loaded mapsets are usually configured via Partner Preferences. This is problematic for the hub, since preferences are stored per account rather than in the filesystem.

Instead, loaded mapsets are controlled by an optional configuration file, in config/hub/modules/Hub/HubMapsets.txt. Like update/info/MapPackages.txt, this is just a list of mapset names, one per line.

Here is an example:


If the file is not there, then the headless map viewer will load all available published mapsets.

Regardless of whether there is a file or not, the Staker mapset is always loaded.

If it’s not there, it defaults to displaying all available published vector mapsets.

This feature is available in versions 4.15 and later. As with all config/hub files, this should be configured in the MasterInstall, then posted to the CentralHub. It is loaded at Hub startup and whenever maps are posted.

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