Development Ticket System


Partner uses the Assembla bug tracking and development ticket system. This system is publicly visible at

This section describes specific procedures used by Partner. It is not intended to replace the regular Assembla documentation.

Automatically Updating Tickets During Commits

When committing changes via subversion, you can automatically add notes to tickets or change the status of tickets by placing the ticket number in the subversion commit note using an appropriate format.

To add a comment:

  • re #31
  • references #31
  • refs #31
  • see #31

To close a ticket:

  • closes #31
  • closed #31
  • close #31
  • fix #31
  • fixed #31
  • fixes #31

To enter a time record in the Time tool, use “Time: 2h15m”

Interacting With Tickets Via Email


You can create and edit tickets, add comments, and edit fields by email:

Replying to email notifications

Simply replying to an automated email will add a comment to the corresponding ticket.

Adding comments via email

For existing tickets, you can send and email to:


For example, you can send an email to an existing sandbox ticket #339 by using this email address:

Creating New Tickets via email

You can send an email to:


The subject of your email will become the ticket title, and the content of your email will become the ticket description.

Advanced Options

There are advanced options, but they seem to require an email template. The advanced options are described at the link above.