Map Data ExportΒΆ

While the primary purpose of the Map Publisher is to publish map data into the Rover format for use in Partner’s map viewers, it can also export map data into other formats. This can be useful for customers whose data comes from a variety of sources or is heavily massaged, and it is also often useful during publisher troubleshooting.

In versions 4.4.12 and previous, two hard-coded exports were provided: * CSV (.csv), and * ESRI Shapefile (.shp).

There was a checkbox for each in the data type configuration files and gui.

In 4.4.14, this facility has been expanded and made pluggable, primarily so that ESRI shapefile support could be moved from the core platform to the Esri module.

Any module map add an export via a script, inside the module in the subdirectory plugins/publisher/exports/. The script must return an implementation of com.partnersoft.maps.translator.MapDataExport.

The CSV export is defined in the platform, under system/plugins/publisher/exports/Csv.groovy, and the ESRI Shapefile export is in the Esri module under plugins/publisher/exports/Shapefile.groovy. You can use these as examples for your own implementations.

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