Common File Types


A number of common file types are used extensively in the Partner Filesystem. For the most part, they are distinguished by their extension. This section describes them.



XML files are now the most common config file in the Partner System. The specific type of these is the Cog XML file, distinguished by the top-level “cog” tag.

Other types of XML file may be present; these must be examined to tell what schema they follow.


TOF (Text Object Format) files are an older config file format. It is Partner-specific, and predates the popularity of XML and invention of JSON. It resembles JSON in some ways.


CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a loose standard for representing tabular data in a text format. Partner uses this format for input, output, and some configuration purposes.


PNG is a standard image format, used extensively for icons in Partner.

.jpg or .jpeg

JPEG is a standard image format, used extensively for map imagery and other photos in Partner.


Partner .job files are typically Field Designer documents in TOF format.


Checksum files are simple text files with a single integer number on a single line. This represents the checksum of something.

.mdb or .mdx

Microsoft Access databases are stored in files with the extension .mdb or .mdx. Partner doesn’t use this format internally, but can read and write Access databases used by other systems.

One common case is the ESRI personal geodatabase format.


ESRI shapefiles are stored as a set of files with a common basename. The main file is the .shp (shape) file. There are a number of other related extensions, including .shx (index), .dbf (data), etc.


The dBase or xBase file format is still used in ESRI shapefiles and as exports from older programs.


A simple text file.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a standard format for web browsers.


A Groovy script file.


A Python script file.


A BeanShell script file.

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