Overview is an extension of the java.util.Iterable interface for objects that adds some important methods for handling status and dealing with the exceptions that commonly occur during iteration of streaming I/O.

Handling Exceptions

Rather than throw a nasty RuntimeException during normal Iterator methods, IterableInput does a prefetch and halts the iteration. This provides for a robust no-complaints-but-no-data behavior. However, if an error did occur you can access it via getException().

Here is an example Groovy script that illustrates handling an exception generated by an IterableInput - in this case, an SqlDataRecordSource:

import com.partnersoft.sql.*;

database = new SqlDatabase();

connection = database.openConnection();
try {
    // invalid query
    source = connection.query("some invalid sql, heck this IS invalid");
    // no exception thrown
    for (record in source) {
        // won't happen;

    if (source.getException() != null) {
        // here it is, throw it
        throw source.getException();
catch (Exception oopsie) {
    // catching it here"error", oopsie);

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