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Information in the Partner Development Portal is provided to assist Partner customers, employees, consultants, and third-party developers in using, troubleshooting, configuring, extending, and otherwise maintaining the Partner Platform and applications built upon it.

Openness is one of Partner's core values, and in this spirit we provide as much information as we can. Publication of this information does not, however, imply any sort of warranty, license or support. You must have a current license agreement with Partner to use the software, and you must have a support agreement with Partner to receive any assistance.

Even with appropriate licensing and support agreements in place, using the information provided here will likely be at your own risk. Many of the topics covered are highly technical and powerful; incorrect usage may damage or disable a working system.

Finally, keep in mind that much of the documentation in the Partner Development Portal is the live, working documentation used by Partner's own employees. It is always under revision, and while we do our best to ensure its accuracy, we cannot guarantee that it is up-to-date or correct.

Use of the materials on this and related Partner web pages are subject to Partner's terms of use.

With this understood, feel free to return to the portal.